Top 3 Chains for Beginners

What’s good, Brother. It’s Tony with Super Jewelry Co. and I’m ready to give first-time buyers my top three gold chain recommendations.

Thinking of moving up in the jewelry game? Put on something you truly deserve. Start with a fine real gold chain. The chains I’ll be recommending are classic gold chains that have stood the test of time. They will never go out of style.

So if you’re ready, Brother, here are my Top 3 Fine Real Gold Chains for the beginning buyer. Let’s go!

Flat Curb Cuban Link Chain

flat curb cuban link chain

The first fine real gold chain I recommend is the Flat Curb Cuban Link Chain.

Flat Curb Cuban Link Chains are very strong and durable, making them perfect for beginning buyers. You can wear the chain every day without worrying about breaking it.

Comfort is another good thing about the Flat Curb Cuban Link. Because the links are flat (Flat Curb), these chains will rest on your body comfortably.

Flat Curb Cuban Link Chains are great standalone chains. They also pair nicely with any pendant of your choice.

10K or 14K gold? 10K is more durable (see our blog for the differences between 10K and 14K gold). 10K chains are stronger and more scratch resistant than 14K chains because less pure gold is mixed with other metals. Gold is soft; the more gold, the less durable.

In the end, the choice between 10K or 14K gold is truly up to you. From my experience working with first-time buyers, I can tell you that the choice comes down to budget and preference. I do recommend the 10K chains for a first-time purchase solely on price and durability, but if you want to splurge on a 14K chain – go for it!

Figaro Chain

figaro chain

Let’s move on to the second fine real gold chain I recommend to beginning buyers: the Figaro Chain.

Yes, Figaro-Figaro-Figarooo!

Like the Flat Curb Cuban Link Chain, the Figaro Chain is very strong and durable. The chain is also suitable for everyday wear.

The links on the Figaro are also flat, but unlike the Flat Curb Cuban Link Chain, the links on the Figaro consist of two to three shorter links that alternate with a longer oval link. The links are comfortable on the body, and the choice between the links on the Flat Curb and the links on the Figaro comes down to style preference.

Figaro chains are great as a standalone chain or when paired with the pendant of your choice. Options, Brother, you’ve got options.

I do recommend the 10K for beginning buyers because, once again, 10K is easier on the pocketbook and more durable than 14K (see why in our blog: 10K vs 14K). Learn how to take care of your first real 10K chain (we’ve also got some tips for jewelry care) and upgrade when you feel the time is right.

Remember, Brother, fine real gold is an investment.

Miami Cuban Link Chain

miami cuban link chain

The third fine real gold chain I recommend to beginning buyers is the Miami Cuban Link Chain.

I personally love this chain. It was my first real gold chain. We go way back ...

Round and bold, the Miami Cuban Link Chain has graced the necks of celebrities, artists, influencers, and … myself!

The biggest difference separating the Miami Cuban Link from the Flat Curb Cuban Link and the Figaro is that the links on the Miami Cuban Link are rounder, bolder, and thicker. The chain is also durable, so you can rest easy, Brother, and wear it on the daily.

But what about weight? The Miami Cuban Link Chain will weigh more than the Flat Curb Cuban Link and Figaro, which means it will cost more. Again, if you’re on a budget, I do recommend the Miami Cuban Link in 10K gold. Upgrade when the time is right.

Conclusion: Top 3 Chains for Beginning Buyers

Well, Brother, which chain are you thinking of? If you’re concerned about durability, you can’t go wrong with any of the three chains recommended above.

Budget and link style will determine which chain you go with as your first fine real gold chain.

10K is more affordable than 14K, while providing greater durability, but although 14K chains are softer, they are made with more gold.

If flat links are your thing, you can’t go wrong with either the Flat Curb Cuban Link or the Figaro, especially if you are looking to pair your chain with a pendant. But if you want a standalone chain to make a bigger statement, the links on the Miami Cuban (my personal favorite) are rounder, bolder, and thicker.

At the end of the day, the final decision belongs to you, Brother.

Whether 10K or 14K, a gold chain is an investment. Learn to care for your gold chain and it will shine for you.

And remember, the only thing that truly matters is your happiness. Be happy with your first fine real gold chain – you deserve it.

Thanks so much for connecting, Brother. Still have questions? Hit me up in the comments section, @superjewelryco, or in our DMs.

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