What's the Difference Between 10k and 14k Gold Chains?

What's the Difference Between 10k and 14k Gold Chains?

Q: What is the difference between 10K and 14K Gold?

Read on about the differences between 10K vs 14K gold. If you are pressed for time, just refer to our Cheat Sheet.

Difference between 10K and 14K Gold

1. 10K vs 14K: Amount of Gold

10k versus 14k gold chains

Now the first difference I’ll share with you is the amount of gold that is in 10K vs 14K gold.

10K gold is made with 10 parts pure gold (or 41.7% gold) and 14 parts other metals. When talking about gold purity level, 10K gold has a lower purity than 14K gold.

14K gold is made with 14 parts pure gold (or 58.3% gold) and 10 parts other metals. 14K gold has a higher purity level than 10k gold.

The "other" metals included in 10K or 14K gold can be alloys, nickel, or even copper. Depending on what type of gold you are looking for, whether it be yellow, rose, or white gold, different "other" metals will be mixed in with the pure gold.

What does this mean, Tony!?

In summary, 14K gold chains are made with more pure gold than 10K gold chains.

2. Strength and Durability

How does the amount of gold (purity level) affect the strength and durability between 10K and 14K gold?

10K gold is stronger, more durable, and more scratch resistant than 14K gold. The reason is simple: less pure gold is mixed in with other metals.

Gold is a very soft and precious metal (pure 24K gold), so other metals are mixed in to make it stronger. If you do own pure 24K gold jewelry, you may notice scuff marks and scratches due to the purity of the gold.

3. Weight

Which one weighs more? The answer may surprise you.

For example, the chains below are both 4.5mm and 22” long, but one is 10K gold and the other is 14K gold.

10k vs 14k gold chains
14k gold chain on the left, 10k gold chain on the right. Can you tell the difference?

If you weigh a 10K gold chain vs a 14K gold chain of the same width and length, the 14K gold chain will always weigh more.

14K gold weighs more than 10K gold because there is more pure gold in 14K compared to 10K, 4 parts more to be exact.

Although 24K pure gold is a very soft and precious metal, it is also very dense and surprisingly heavy.

No matter hollow or solid, 14K gold chains will always weigh more than 10K gold chains.

But what about Gold-Plated?

Although Gold-Plated chains mimic the look of fine real gold chains, the base metals of Gold-Plated chains can be either stainless steel, brass, or even silver. 14K Gold-Plated chains will not weigh the same as fine real 14K gold chains. The same goes for 10K Gold-Plated vs 10K fine real gold.

10k vs 14k Gold Chains: The Winner Is ...

I will not cop out and say "it depends." I will give you my personal opinion on why I prefer 14K gold chains.

Mentally and emotionally, I feel good knowing that 14K gold chains have more pure gold in them.

Not only do 14K gold chains have higher gold purity, but they also provide enough strength and durability for every day wear.

But let's keep it real. If 14K is over your budget, 10K gold chains are still real gold (41.7% pure 24K gold). From a price standpoint, 10K gold chains are more affordable, and you can be sure they are more durable than 14K gold.

Once again, my preference for 14K gold is exactly that — my preference. Get the chain that works for you.

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