Which Gold Chain Shines the Most?

Which Gold Chain Shines the Most?

Over the past week or so, we’ve been receiving many questions about which chain shines the most. Why so many questions lately? Blame it on the weather. It’s summer time, everyone.

With summer time shine comes the urge to shine. And which chain will help you shine out the most? We’ve taken a look at our favorite four chains to break down the shine that each one can provide you. We’ve chosen these chains due to their popularity and their timeless feel.

#4 Miami Cuban Chain

Miami Cuban Chain Shine

Out of the four that we’re about to dive into, the Miami Cuban is the one with the least shine. This chain has more of a high polish finish. A closer look shows that these chains are made without the diamond cut finish, which are just notches and grooves cut into the gold to make a chain shine more. For those who want to find out more about what “diamond cut” means, please check our blog post on the topic.

Now hang on. That doesn’t mean the Miami Cuban won't bring the shine. Real 10k/14k gold will catch the light. The way this chain is designed, it gives off more of a smooth, polished feel with its links.

#3 Flat Curb Cuban Link Chain

Flat Curb Cuban Chain Shine

This chain does shine, but doesn’t make it into our top two. The way the Flat Curb is made, there are some visible cuts to it. But the reason it catches less light is because the Flat Curb is…well…flat. Once again, this is just the style of the chain. It will lay flat cross your chest, and may have a kind of “2-D” look to it. Other chains, such as hand-woven Gold Ropes, will pop out more simply due to their design.

Despite its flat nature, this chain still has several cuts in the links to help it bring the shine (at least the ones we carry). In our opinion, this gives it the edge over the Miami Cuban.

#2 Diamond Cut Franco Chain

Diamond Cut Franco Shine

Diamond cut chains usually catch the shine better. The small notches cut by a jeweler (the “diamond cuts”) are designed to reflect the light. This puts the Diamond Cut Franco above the Miami and Flat Curb Cuban, but it does not get our top spot. WHERE the diamond cuts are made in the links also matter in terms of overall shine.

The diamond cuts are made only to the front and the back of the Franco Chain. There aren’t really any diamond cuts to the sides of the chain. As a result, the chain gives off just enough shine without really “doing too much,” if you know what I mean. It won’t be completely eye-blinding, but it will sparkle enough to make you blink twice.

#1 Diamond Cut Gold Rope Chain

Diamond Cut Gold Rope Shine

Ah yes, the classic. This is our top-selling chain. This is also, out of the four we’ve reviewed, the chain that shines the most. The Gold Rope has, what we like to call, a “3-D” look to it. What we mean by 3-D is that the chain has depth, has pop to it. This is due to the hand-woven links that cover all surface areas of shine.

No matter which angles you look from, the Gold Rope gives off 360-degree light. Unlike the D/C Franco, the diamond cuts run all over the chain. It’s like wearing summer around your neck.

Summary and Final Thoughts

For those who just want a quick ranking, here is our personal list from most to least shine:

  1. Diamond Cut Gold Rope Chain
  2. Diamond Cut Franco Chain
  3. Flat Curb Cuban Link
  4. Miami Cuban

Although diamond cuts to a chain do help it sparkle more, keep in mind that this also affects durability. The jeweler is cutting into the gold, making it thinner in some areas. That doesn’t mean diamond cut chains, or chains with additional notches/grooves cut into it, will break or snap easily. Remember not to tug too hard on chains and to handle them with care.

Shine out, show out, and bring the HEAT this summer. And remember, you can always DM us on Instagram with any questions.