What is a Diamond Cut Gold Chain?

What is a Diamond Cut Gold Chain?

Many customers have asked about Diamond Cut Gold Chains. Confusion exists about the term “Diamond Cut” and what it really means. I hope to clear up the confusion in this blog post.

Does Diamond Cut mean there’s diamonds on the chain?

“Diamond Cut” should not be confused with “Diamond Encrusted,” “Diamond Studded,” or “Diamond Chain.” Diamond Cut refers to the type of cut (the notches) on the chain. It does not mean the chain is studded with diamonds.

Do you use diamonds to make Diamond Cuts on the chain?

The short answer is no.

Diamond cuts are simply grooves or notches that are cut into the surface of the chain. The cuts are usually done by a jeweler’s chisel.

A popular chain that features diamond cuts are gold rope chains. You may see these chains on jewelers’ websites listed as “Diamond Cut Rope Chain.” We use the acronym D/C for Diamond Cut. A quick search on Google shows that a few other jewelers also use this acronym.

What are the benefits of Diamond Cut Gold Chains?

Diamond Cut Rope Chain
The Diamond Cuts help your chain catch more shine

The diamond cuts in gold chains, specifically Diamond Cut Rope Chains, bring out that shimmer, that dazzle, that extra shine in the gold. The finish catches more light, and the chain will be louder and more attention-getting, especially in the sun.

Why call it Diamond Cut if there’s no diamonds?

To put it simply, the cuts in your chain will make it "shine like diamonds."

Why am I seeing so many Diamond Cut Rope Chains?

Most of the factories we work with have only been making Diamond Cut Rope Chains. The style blew up in the 80s and has made a recent comeback. We only carry Diamond Cut Gold Rope Chains, but with a quick search, you can find other jewelers who carry regular gold rope chains.

Do we carry any other Diamond Cut chains?

For now, we only carry Diamond Cut Gold Rope Chains. You will see the acronym D/C on our site to let you know the chain is Diamond Cut.