Gold Chain Length: A Visual Guide

Gold Chain Length: A Visual Guide

We've recently written a blog post on the best chain lengths for beginners. The post includes a nice write-up of our recommendations.

For additional guidance, here's a few snapshots of different chain lengths on our mannequins. By visually representing the lengths, we hope to help you make the decision that's right for you.

We've included some of our most popular chains. Wider (thicker) chains were selected to better illustrate the different lengths.

Style: Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain (5.5mm)

Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain

We have decked out our mannequin above with our Miami Cuban Link chains. Notice how the 20" is not quite a choker but also not quite long enough for a pendant. 22" (our recommendation) and 24" lengths should sit at or near the middle of the chest, whereas longer sizes will sit near or at the bottom of the chest.

Style: Gold Diamond Cut Franco Chain (4.0mm)

Diamond Cut Gold Franco Chain

The mannequin above is sporting chain lengths on the longer end of the spectrum. Notice how the 30" dips below the chest area and toward the top of the abdomen. If a pendant was paired with longer lengths, it could sit above your belly. Keep pendant size in mind when pairing with longer chains.

Don't Forget the Width

Chains come in different lengths and widths as well. Together, the dimensions will define the statement you make.

Longer and wider chains will also be heavier. Take this into account if you plan to walk a few miles with your chain on.

We will update this post in the future with additional styles to give you an accurate idea of how different chains look in different lengths. And as always, feel free to message us on Instagram or on any one of our other social accounts with any questions you may have about gold chains.