Best Gold Chain Length for Beginners

Best Gold Chain Length for Beginners

What is the best gold chain length for men?

When deciding what chain length to get, you have probably been hit with a multitude of sizes and inches and centimeters and measurements. Height-to-chain length ratio. Neck thickness. Collarbone dimensions. Choosing the best chain length shouldn't have to involve a flurry of math on a spreadsheet.

Most jewelers, online and in-store, carry all the popular chain lengths. These lengths usually range from 18" to 24". Out of this range, we at Super Jewelry Co. recommend the 22". There are many opinions out there, and chances are, you've done your research and heard them all. Just remember, the term "best chain length" depends solely on what you think is best for you. Keeping the above in mind, let's dive into why we think that 22" should be to go-to length for many beginners.

Infographic - Chain Lengths

Advantages of the 22" Chain Length

Not Too Short, Not Too Long

We've heard a lot of jewelers recommend the 20". The 20" chain should settle right around your collarbone. If you're wearing a button-up shirt, the chain should fall right where the top two buttons are. Anything shorter may be too tight (and look like a choker).

24" chains and longer lie at the opposite end of the size chart. These chains fall at the bottom of your chest, and depending on your height and the chain width, they can look as if they're dragging your neck down to the floor.

long chain length
Longer Chain Lengths

We believe that 22" is the perfect size. It should lie right on your chest, and look neither too tight nor too droopy. Being right at your chest gives you some more options on how to wear your chain.

Tuck It In or Leave It Out

Shorter chains (20" and below) will almost always appear above your shirt. If you like to leave the top two buttons of your shirt unbuttoned, then it will be hard to tuck the chain in.

Other than style, there will be other times you may want to tuck your chain under your shirt. Shorter chain lengths will not allow you to do so (unless you are a fan of turtle necks).

short chain length
Shorter Chain Lengths

Longer chain lengths (24" and above) are almost always worn outside of the shirt. Tucking in long chains may be irritating, especially if you have a pendant on the end. They can even brush up against your stomach when bending or sitting. Long chains are for making a statement. Why tuck them in?

Once again, the 22" is the happy middle ground. The chain is short enough to be tucked inside your shirt and long enough to still make the statement that a 24" or longer chain does.

Pairing with Pendants

Do you like to wear your chains with a pendant? Ideally, you want the pendant to fall at or a little below your chest. Too high looks weird. Too long...and well...your pendant will turn into your belt buckle.

Since the 22" chain sits right at your chest, it is the optimal size for pairing with a pendant, no matter how large or small that pendant may be. Feel free to pair this length with medallions or dog tags as well; the length works with many options.

Layering Chains

Are you the type that likes to layer your chains?

Because the 22" is smack in the middle of chain lengths, you can layer shorter and longer lengths to your heart's desire. Mix and match chains, try new looks, and test many combinations to figure out what you like. The 22" length provides the most layering flexibility.

The Spiritual

We've gone into the practicality and flexibility of all the different lengths. But there are some things in life that just fall into a realm beyond the material.

Why 22? For a deeper meaning, the number “22” is seen as the most powerful and creative number of all. "22" is often found in the charts of people who are doers, leaders, and visionary builders.

We're not saying a 22" chain will turn you into a doer, leader, or visionary. But the spiritual significance of the number "22" is something we thought was interesting.

Summary: 22" Chain Length

Let's hit on all the points above, for those who want the spark notes version of this blog.

We recommend the 22" length because:

  • Not too short or long - sits right at the chest
  • Can be tucked inside a shirt or left outside
  • Pairs well with pendants, medallions, dog tags
  • Best option when it comes to layering around it
  • Spiritual significance of the number "22"

Of course, this is just our opinion of "Best Chain Length." But remember, the best of anything in life is subjective. We've thrown our two cents into this topic, but always (ALWAYS) choose the chain length that you feel is best for you.

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