Protect Your Gold Chain from Snatchers!

Protect Your Gold Chain from Snatchers!

What's good, Brother!

It's ya boy, Tony, with Super Jewelry Co.

In today's blog post, I want to share 3 tips with you on how to protect your gold chain from being snatched, taken, or grabbed off your neck.

Let's jump right in, Brother, starting with tip number one.

Keep it Short

The best gold chain lengths to keep it short are the 18” and 20” lengths.

The 18” will sit very close to your neck and the 20” will sit closer to your collarbone; chains that sit closer to the neck and collarbone make it harder for snatchers to easily grab a hold and run off with your chain.

If you don't like the 18" and 20" lengths because they're too short for you, then it's still all good, Brother. You can use tip number two.

Tuck it In

short gold chain length

Tuck what in, Bro!? What you talking about!?

What I mean by "tuck it in" is tucking in your gold chain inside your shirt or sweater.

This works especially well when you have chain lengths like 22”, 24”, and longer because they will start to sit on your chest more.

Snatchers see longer chains as the optimal lengths for a grab and go. However, if you tuck in your gold chains, 2 things will happen...

First, tucking in your chain makes it a lot harder for snatchers to grab and go with your fine real gold.

Second, you'll still have a super dope look going on because your fine real gold chains will be showing just around your neck for a sleek bold style.

Tuck it in, and move on to tip number three.

Stop the Flexin'

Remember, you're not fake anymore. You are real. What you got on is real. Fine real 10K and 14K gold!

Therefore, stop with the flexin, Bro! You're already here! You have arrived at the next level. There is no need to flex anymore. You are secure with yourself.

Let the fine real gold chains do the talking and walking for you. All you gots to do now is just enjoy. Enjoy your come up. Enjoy your life. You will attract better attention and people into your life.

Thank you so much, Brother, for your support. If you have any questions about anything at all, please leave me a comment or send a DM on our Instagram.

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