Can I Shower with Gold Jewelry On?

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What's good, Brother! It's ya boy, Tony, with Super Jewelry Co. and welcome to our Channel.

Let's go!

Showering Reduces Shine

Today, let's go over why you should not shower with your gold chains on.

And here's the thing, Brother, your shower will not harm the precious metal per se. But, if you are going to shower with your gold chains on every day and every night, keep in mind that over time, it will reduce the shine on your gold chains and become more dull.

However, you can always get that luxurious shine back by getting it polished up!

Moving on!

Gunk Build-Up

Another reason why you should not shower with your gold chains on is because of the gunk build-up.

Eh? Tony...what do you mean...?

Brother, I am going to assume for the goodness of all humanity that when you clean yourself in the shower, you use soap, shampoo, and maybe conditioner.

Welp! All of that is going to come down all over your gold chains in the shower and, over time, guess what?

Gunk will build up!

So do not shower with your gold chains on!

And Brother, remember the symbolic importance of real gold is that you are wealthy and you are successful!

So if you treat your real gold chains and jewelry right, they'll do the same for you.

Chain Down the Drain

And the last reason why you should not shower with your gold chains on is ... ya' might lose them!

Say what!?

Yep! I mean, come on, let's say you took off your gold chain and put it on the side somewhere and you accidentally knock it down and ... damn! There it goes! Your real gold chains going straight down the drain.

But, Brother! This is easily preventable; just don't shower with your gold chains on.

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